Collection: All My Emotions | Book Series

The All My Emotions Book Series is written by a dad for his son. Christopher Fequiere wrote My Tiny Temper (the first book in the series) with his son Oliver as a way to connect with him and address the big emotions Oliver was feeling.

Each book in the series illustrates an emotion and teaches children how to recognize, work though and discuss their feelings as they occur. Combined with a Fuzzy Feeling Friend, the perfect plushy companion for each book, the All My Emotions series has proven to be a hit with kids and parents.

Our core values include diversity in characters, addressing the social and emotional health of all kids and creating beautiful stories that are fun and engaging.

Christopher Fequiere is the author and illustrator. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and son and is an animator, a dad and a passionate mental health advocate. He loves reading his books to kids in the park with Oliver, eating ice cream and teaching animation at the local community college.

Find them on Instagram at: @allmyemotionsbooks
All My Emotions | Book Series