About Pre-Orders

About Pre-Orders

Due to recent product development, and customer demand, we have instituted a pre-order option for our customers while new brackets for the Bean Stalk are being manufactured.  The "Pre-order Now" will appear over images of the Bean Stalk while it is in this phase and partially in stock.  Selecting these items and checking out with these in your cart will result in the following: 

Full Pre-orders

If you selected products that are currently on pre-order, and all items are not currently available, you can expect your order to ship in the current mid-late November time frame from the date you placed your order. Your items will ship as soon as parts arrive and come back into stock.

Partial Pre-orders

If you selected products that are currently on pre-order, and only some items are not currently available, you can expect partial delivery of your order, with pre-orders items shipping in November.

If you need some of the order immediately, please contact us at info@ivybean

Orders are packaged by hand and ready to ship upon placement, they are simply missing their brackets.  When brackets are delivered, pre-orders will ship same or next day (depending on their time of delivery) via UPS 3-5 day shipping. 


COVID-19 Pandemic Supply Chain Impacts

The COVID-19 pandemic over-utilized much of the existing inventories, and incapacitated the supply chain.  Demand was at an all time high during the pandemic and resin processors were distributing much of their existing materials, all while having lower inventory replenishment with reduced workforce at most resin plants.  Raw materials suppliers are working at an increased pace to correct their shortages and get back to previous inventory levels.

Ivy Bean’s main priority is to continue securing material to produce the Bean Stalk with no interruptions in the future.  We will continue to do all we can to serve our customers given the current conditions. Please feel free to reach out to us directly in regards to any questions or concerns at info@ivybean.shop

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