Join the Party on Social Media

Join the Party on Social Media

Join the fun on social media with interactive posts on both Instagram (@ivybeanllc) & Facebook! (@ivybeanllc)

>> We also recently created a Facebook group, Ivy Bean Insiders, where you can share your experiences and Ivy Bean finds within an encouraging environment.  

Not only do we want to foster an inclusive and positive community, but your engagement increases your rewards points toward FREE product! You can access the rewards program in the bottom-left of the screen.  

Ivy Bean was founded to reduce stair-related injuries among children, and to do that we designed and created the Bean Stalk.  Nevertheless, as a military family, we need to raise available funds for further product development- to make our goal more accessible.

We are aware of the value our community brings to making this goal achievable, and we are incredibly thankful to have you on this journey with us.  

Further, we recognize the value of educators and are supporting them by making contributions to our local Title I school through supply AND school snack donations.  Without your patronage, this would not be possible.  

Further, we are currently aimed toward improved packaging and an improved bracket + strap.  We won't be able to purchase our new bracket design for some time as we attempt to increase product development funds through apparel sales, but we are excitedly working on it.  The new bracket will make for a smoother manufacturing process here at home.  

Our current apparel selections ship next day with an expected 3-5 day delivery, unless otherwise noted.  Styles are sourced from US-based designers with Made in the USA and full-size range options on select styles.  We aim to provide quality & affordable, on-trend styles.  You can receive exclusive updates & discounts by subscribing to our our e-mail list!

We wanted to pop in real quick and let you know we appreciate you, invite you to our social media adventures, and thank you again for being a part of this journey with us!

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