10 At-Home Summer Activities for Small Children

10 At-Home Summer Activities for Small Children

Summertime is around the corner and here at Ivy Bean we are exploring all the options to keep our little people entertained and content all summer long.  

We've compiled a short list of 10 at-home summertime activities we enjoy and think you will too.  Naturally, a list is a great tool and can be added to and referenced when boredom sets in.  

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  1. Splash pad: Take your child to a local splash pad where they can run through water and cool off. 

    You can check your town's park and recreation website for local parks and amenities.  If your town doesn't have a splash pad, a nearby town might.  We've also had fun with a "soaker" hose (hoses with holes to be buried for irrigation) from the garden center laid out in the yard.   

  2. Nature walks: Take your child for a walk in a park or nature reserve and explore the outdoors together.  

    Pick and press wildflowers, take a small book of drawing paper to take note of the colors and shapes you find, or create drawings of the sounds you hear. 

  3. Picnic in the park: Pack a picnic and head to a local park for a fun outdoor meal.

  4. Story time at the library: Many libraries offer free story time sessions for young children.  Reduce waste & clutter with a library card! Borrow beautiful children's books and return them.  Many local libraries now offer rhythmic music times and many other amenities.  

  5. Water play: Set up a small pool or water table in your backyard and let your child splash and play in the water.  No pool or water table? Measuring cups and bowls/tupperware will do.  

  6. PYO fruit & vegetables: Search your state's agritourism website for area farms that offer "Pick Your Own" fruit and vegetables.  

  7. Outdoor painting: Let your child get creative with sidewalk chalk, paint, or markers outside.  Bonus points if you get the sidewalk wet first, before chalking, for a smooth ouch-free application. 

  8. Gardening: Help your child plant and tend to a small garden in your backyard or balcony.

    We over-stress and over-think summer gardens with our children- a container garden of herbs or a simple pumpkin plan is a fun lesson in the life cycle as well as a rewarding one.  Enjoying your own pumpkin during spooky season is a special treat.

  9. Indoor fort building: Build a fort with blankets and pillows inside your home for your child to play in.  Enjoy an afternoon nap, reading or a movie from your cozy fort. 

  10. Sensory play: Create a sensory bin filled with items like rice or beans for your child to explore.  Hide small items like costume rings, rocks, and large beads for a fun game of "i-spy."

We hope some of these ideas are a good spring board to get you started.  We hope to share more soon.  Wishing you a fun, and safe, summertime!

-The Ivy Bean Team

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